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Talents & Thrivers (Student Care and Enrichments)

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Enrichment Selections

Junior Entreprenuership

Junior Entrepreneurship programme is developed with the intention of imparting children with a positive mindset and the fundamentals of problem solving skills to achieve objectives and raising success rate of given projects. This broad framework is achieved through modules such as mindsets, leadership, problem solving, financial literacy, project planning, social ettiques, public speaking, grooming etc...

Fluid Intelligence Series (Critical & Logical Thinking)

Fluid intelligence refers to the ability to reason and think flexibly.  It is the capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations, independent of acquired knowledge. 

1. The Computer Basics

2. Lego Robotics with Coding (WeDo, Mindstorms, Scratch coding)

3. Microsoft Office (Suite)

4. International Chess, Chinese Chess

Crystallized Intelligence Series (Academic)

Crystallized intelligence refers to the accumulation of knowledge, facts, and skills that are acquired throughout life. 

1. Journal Writing

2. Tuition (Mathematics, Chinese, Science, English)

Creativity Series

Ability to produce new products, ideas, or inventing a new, novel solution to a problem. We incorporate enrichments that stimulate the creativity in our children so that their problem solving skills are enhanced. Its about thinking out of the box.

1. Arts Drawing & Handicraft

2. Chinese Calligraphy

3. Speech & Drama (English / Mandarin)

Specialisation Series

Skills that will improve over a period of time. Takes practice, discipline, patience and determination. 

1. Aikido Martial Arts

2. Mental Arithmetic (Abacus) in Mandarin

3. Hip Hop Dance

4. Ukulele/ Keyboard Instrument

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