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Partnership Opportunities

If you share our passion in nurturing multidisciplinary, all rounded future leaders and would like to venture into the vibrant and high-demand infant care, childcare and preschool education market, we would like to partner you in our franchising or licensing programme.

Riding on our unique award-winning, truly Singapore education brand, our franchising partners will be able to reap the following advantages to gain foothold in the industry:

  • Unique quality curriculum backed by sound pedagogical principles, aligned to the preschool education framework by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore

  • Holistic enablers embedded in our well established systems which accelerate learning and development of our children

  • Full suite of learning resources, continuously upgraded through our research and development initiatives with industry and overseas partners

  • Unique Future Ready Skills (FRS) enrichment programme comprising of wide range of modules that delve deep and into the various learning domains to develop the multiple intelligences (verbal-linguistic, mathematical-logical, visual-spatial, musical-rhythmic, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal) of our children

  • Strong support from the Singapore HQ in all aspects of the business, ranging from facilities consultation and setup, operations, human capital management and training

Talk to us to find out how we can contribute our expertise to boost the success of our collaboration in the target market you have in mind.

Franchising & Licensing

Compensation and benefits trends have been shifting to cover more scope than ever in this ever competitive market to attract and retain the best. Letting employees work with an ease of mind while their littles ones are taken care of in a nearby reputable infant/childcare centre has been one of the strategies employee welfare advocates have adopted.

Other than fully sponsored childcare solutions, organisations could also offer subsidies or placement assistance as part of their employee welfare programmes. We have also helped corporate partners kickstart their childcare employee benefits programme in customising various solutions according to their needs. 

Talk to us to find out how Tots N Toys could partner your organisation in providing childcare solutions as part of your employee benefits programme to improve employee satisfaction rates and hence increase productivity and improve retention rates.

Be it fully sponsored childcare solutions, or corporate partners' exclusive preferred rates which can be implemented at no cost to the organisation, we have the solutions to your organisation's childcare needs.

  • 5% additional discount for the infant/ childcare fees for the first 6 months of enrolment on top of existing discounts.

    • Infant​ Enrolment: Free HydroSpa, Massage and Right Brain sessions for 6 months (worth $1,680)

    • Childcare Enrolment: Free Phonics Whizz enrichment sessions for 6 months ($480) based on award winning Letterland learning materials

  • One free set of uniform

  • Waiver of insuance premium for the duration of education

  • 5% off retail products

Childcare Solutions for Organisations

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