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Parents' Testimonials

Parent of Maeya Tan

Student of N2 Class

I appreciate the dedicated care and concern of the teachers and staff. My daughter has been with Tots N Toys since her playgroup days. She is presently in N2. The curriculum and enrichment programmes have been interesting and broad-based, providing her with good exposure.


I have observed good progress in terms of her cognitive, social and physical development.


Thank you, Tots N Toys management, teachers and staff.

Parent of Kayven

Student of K1 Class

I like how the school and its own curriculum cultivates independence and good life skills. The teachers and staff are nice and friendly and are good examples for the children to follow. It encourages open-minded and knowledgeable students unlike typical schools.

The FRS programmes are another way of enhancing the children's learning journey through non-academic approach, which is why most parents including myself, is happy to add them into our children's curriculum. The result shows that the children gained more creativity and life skills through this programmes.

Parent of Colette Chin

Student of N1 Class

Caring teachers, principal and management. My child went in at 17 months, not speaking. At 2 years plus now, she comes home singing English and Chinese National Day songs. Her vocabulary expanded greatly with the Right Brain programme training. Both her English and Chinese teachers are great and gentle, which is important and relaxes the child, providing a fun and conducive learning environment. My child looks forward to school and talks often about the happenings of the school, activities (Art class enrichment), teachers and friends. 

She learns science through hands-on experiment .I.e. At nursery one now, she learns about plant parts, which I only got to learn when I was in primary three. When learning is fun, children will be hungry to learn more.


From a parent who has visited more than 6 preschools before choosing Tots N Toys.

Parent of Jade Ella Holloway

Student of K1 Class

The things we like most about the curriculum is that it is engaging, appropriate and fun for our daughter. The teachers are very supportive, nice and hardworking. The staff are always friendly and very attentive.

Parent of Rayden and Raelyn

Students of N2 and K1 Class

The centre focus on holistic development which target on my kid’s intellectual, emotional, social and creative developments. The teachers are very friendly and caring and cater to every kid's needs. The quarterly meet-the-parents session is also a very good platform to learn of our kids development.

Parent of Ming Han

Student of N1 Class

The teachers at Tots N Toys are meticulous in taking care of the development needs of students. They are able to show us customised feedback about our child's progress in school.


Ming Han has learnt to be verbal about his thoughts and feelings at an early age and his vocabulary is amazing for a 2 year old. He is also a lot more independent - wearing his own clothes and shoes.

Parent of Trevor and Trevyn

Students of Infant and N2 Class

I like that Glenn Doman, Right Brain Training and Montessori Practical Skills are part of the school's curriculum. I also like that the teachers here genuinely care for the children as both my son (N2) and daughter (infant) enjoy going to school.

It saves me a lot of time and money as the enrichment classes held outside of school were expensive and I have to spend my weekend sending them to these enrichment classes. Having these programmes in school also allow us to have more family time together and ensure his time in school is well spent.

Trevor enjoys attending these programes and would share with me what he did when he reached home.

Parent of Hugo, Megan and Meyer

Students of Infant and N1 Class

The teachers are well trained and patient. These acan be evidenced by how the kids love to go to school.

My eldest son enjoys thoroughly the wide range of enrichment programmes from Music & Movement, Motor Play Gym to Speech and Drama. The exposure of different skillsets enables him to better relate himself to different situation. It is quite evident when he expresses himself and communicates with his siblings and us. We are very pleased that the school is able to offer these additional curriculum at a reasonable price. We have no doubt that these programmes or any other future programmes deem interesting/ fun enough by the school will continue or additionally add on to satisfy the young ones' curiosity.

Parent of Varun

Student of K1 Class

Teachers - Very dedicated & easy to approach. Varun likes to share snippets about teachers at times. They are very patient with him and help him to build his confidence.

Curriculum - I have realised that play based approach towards learning makes it fun and enjoyable for the kid.

Staff are always open to feedback and the responses are pretty quick.

I like specifically Future Ready Skills, because it has helped Varun to be confident in himself when communicating publicly. The Arts enrichment & the Creative English was also delightful for him, and he often speaks of the teachers and shares the lessons when he comes home. He can now do Maths! And the Aikido class complements his motor skills.

Parent of Edris and Esiree

Students of PG and N2 Class

Teachers of all levels are caring, amiable and professional at all times. Edris improved alot since day 1. She has now become a thoughtful and polite little girl. We are also thankful towards the management and staff, constantly implementing new things to improve everything. We are also very pleased with frequent meet the parents session to further understand our children's development. Overall, we are grateful that we have chosen Tots N Toys for our kids and believe that they will continue bringing knowledge to them in a safe environment!!

We have seen great improvement in Edris and believe that the enrichment classes had helped alot. She is now able to express herself much better and focus more on everything she does. From the pictures/ videos, we can see that she is genuinely enjoying her enrichment classes and always looking forward to move!! 

Parent of Iman

Student of PG Class

I like that the teachers are a good mix of race and nationality. That the curriculum includes exposure to dance and music instruments which can serve as a good foundation for future interest.

School Staff, including owners, are also really friendly and easy to converse with. No problems approaching them with our concerns without feeling unwelcomed.

Parent of Zavier/ Zalyn

Students of N1 and N2 Class

Friendly, Knowledgeable Teachers and most importantly, clean and child-friendly environment. The FRS Programmes enable me to have more time with kids on weekends and kids are able to rest over the weekends.

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