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SuperEDGE Right Brain Programme™ 


Exclusively designed activities that stimulate and activate the natural right brain abilities in children 4 months to 3 years of age.


The programme focuses on the following 14 core skills sets which will help to shape a child's learning ability and attitute for life.


  • Parent-Child Bonding

  • Activation of the Right Brain Circuit

  • Visualisation Training

  • Enhanced Memory Ability

  • High Speed Absorbtion Ability

  • Intuition Ability

  • Cognitive Skills Development

  • Problem-Solving Skill

  • Language Stimulation

  • Enhanced Five Senses Ability

  • Creativity Training

  • Motor Skills Training Music Appreciation

  • EQ Development

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Benefits of Brain Stimulation Programme

  • Large scale photographic memory

  • High speed mass recording and recalling of information (automatic processing function)

  • High speed instinctive calculation

  • Speed listening and reading

  • Creativity

  • Heightened awareness of self and the environment

  • Better listening and communication skills

  • Better social skills (empathy for others; considerate to people)

  • Enhanced cooperation from child

  • Build up self-confidence

To find out more on Tots N Toys daily right brain training programme , please speak with our experienced caregivers.

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