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At Tots N Toys, we believe that each child has unlimited genius potential and that learning is a joyous process even for children as young as 2 months old. To develop this potential, children should start being stimulated from birth. Thus, it is important to lay a solid foundation for your babies to lead them onto the pathway of excellence.

Tots N Toys' curriculum has been carefully designed and is based on Play-inspired approach and active learning concepts. We conscientiously ensure our learning environment supports the early learning experiences of our children. We exercise due care and attention at all times in the following key segments:

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Our dedicated and experienced caregivers will ensure focused child attention for effective and interactive child-bonding at all times.

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Physical Layout

Our premise layout (sleeping, eating, playing, changing and bathing areas) has been carefully designed and built to maximise each child's learning potential and individual comfort.

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Our daily care schedule and programme routine aim to nurture and inspire each child as they embark on a learning journey to explore, play and discover the world around them. 

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At Tots N Toys, we administer age-appropriate observation checklists to monitor each child progressive development. Find out more about our programmes:

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