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Baby Massage can be started as soon as after the baby is born. It is a bonding activity between baby and carer, involving the process of rhythmic stroking and caressing the muscles and baby’s body with hands. 


Research studies suggest that there are many positive developmental benefits from baby massage as part of baby’s early life;


  • Relaxes baby’s tummy troubles, teething problems and/or colic discomfort, and promotes better sleep

  • Enhances bonding and attachment between infant-carer

  • Helps baby feel loved and secured

  • Boost immune systems, enhances secretion of digestive hormones

  • Boost muscle development, enhances movement and limb coordination

  • Stimulate senses and growth-promoting hormones, enhances neurological development


At Tots N Toys, Baby Massage plays a key integral part of our daily routine daycare programme. Our caregivers do not use baby oil for Baby Massage as it tends to clog the pores instead, unscented and edible oil like grapreseed oil will be used. A patch test is usually done first on the baby.

Baby Massage


Baby Spa aka hydrotherapy is fantastic for baby’s health and physical development, and as with Baby Massage, it can be introduced to baby’s daily routine as soon as after birth.


  • Helps to boost baby’s confidence, eliminates the fear of water later on as they grow

  • Strengthens baby muscle and promotes better limb coordination as the water buoyancy gently exercises most parts of body muscles

  • Stimulates baby's 5-senses (touch, sound, sight, taste and smell) and enhances his/her overall well-being


We use

  • Specially prepared water in all the spa pools for baby hydrotherapy sessions

  • Chemical-free laundry bath towels for infant wipe dry. The towels are washed per use in purified water .

  • Grapeseed oil for infant massage and skin moisturising 

  • Soothing background music for a relaxation environment that provides the ultimate best-ever pampering and sensational experience your baby will get.


Tots N Toys Baby Spa pools are fitted with patented spa materials designed to maximise infants’ comfort and promote growth with each supervised use. Combined with Baby Massage, the developmental benefits experienced by infants would be far-fetching.

Baby Hydrotherapy Spa

To find out more on Tots N Toys baby massage daily routine programme or flexi-hour programme, please speak with our experienced caregivers.

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