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Talents N Thrivers Club

Talents N Thrivers (Student Care and Enrichments)

Building a Robot


Education that makes the 

We believe that the development of every children should continue after lessons end in school. Therefore, we provide a place where children can continue to be engaged and developed, while receiving a continuum of care after school hours, developing them into sociable, resilient, confident and joyful individuals.

"Soft Skills, knowledge and positive attitude. We instill the best into our children" 

Nurturing Children, Talented in their Own Way

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  • Homework Assistance

  • Conducive Learning Environment

  • Close Study Group



  • Entreprenuership Series

  • Fluid Intelligence Series (Critical & Logical)

  • Creativity Series

  • Specialisation Series

  • Crystallised Intelligence Series (Academic)



  • Spacious

  • Nutritious, Healthy Meals

  • Positive Values

See Our Kids in Action

Pick up service to our student care

5 km from TNT_PNG.webp

Nan Hua Primary

Qifa Primary

Clementi Primary

Keming Primary

Bukit Timah Primary

Pei Tong Primary

Bukit View Primary

Yuhua Primary

Pei Hwa Primary

Cambridge Primary

Princess Elizabeth Primary

Lianhua Primary

Methodist's Girls

Jurong Primary

Henry Park Primary

Shuqun Primary

Rulang Primary

Raffles Girls Primary

Nanyang Primary

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