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Choosing the right preschool is probably one of the most important decisions your family will make. At Tots N Toys, we understand your priorities, needs and concerns.


The philosophy of 'human excels best when embracing our own uniqueness' is not only true for a growing child. It is a process, value, and attitude ingrained in our corporate culture.


Together with Tots N Toys' dedicated and experienced team of professional caregivers, we embrace and uphold our corporate vision and mission in providing quality care and learning for every child, every family, every day.

About Us

Our Vision

Creating a children centric education ecosystem where every child is loved and cared for, just like our own

Our Mission

We are committed to bring out the potential and virtue in every child.

Our Core Values

We pledge to uphold the values below:


     i - Inspire, every learning steps

     i - Innovate, curriculum and experience

     i - Instill, good values

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