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It's never too early to start Learning!

From Care to Education and Enrichment, we are one of the first Infant Care and Education provider in Singapore.

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Tender Loving Care

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FRS PG Foundation Programme

SuperEDGE™ Right Brain Programme

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Infant Wellness Oasis

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Tender Loving Care

Discover our Tender Loving Care routine designed to meet your baby's every need. From morning cuddles and nourishing feeds to engaging playtime and restful naps, we create a nurturing environment for your little one to thrive. With experienced caregivers and a focus on development and bonding, we provide the best start in life for your precious bundle of joy.

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FRS PG Foundation Programme

We take pride in being one of the first few education-approved facilities. Our approach goes beyond traditional care – we believe in early education for infants. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing a stimulating environment that nurtures curiosity and growth right from the start.

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SuperEDGE™ Right Brain Programme

Our dedicated teachers undergo extensive training, with over 200 hours in the Teacher Training Model, to deliver our exclusive SuperEDGE™ Right Brain Programme to infants. We incorporate innovative tools like Glenn Doman flash cards and Montessori life skills to foster your child's holistic development.

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Hydrotherapy & Massage

Our Infant Wellness Oasis is a haven of serenity, combining the gentle art of baby massage and the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy.

Baby massage, characterized by rhythmic stroking and caressing, introduces a comforting touch to your baby's daily routine right from birth. It's not just about relaxation; our skilled therapists excel in helping your baby unwind and release the tensions brought on by daily stimuli. The magic of our massages extends to reducing irritability, lessening excessive crying, alleviating gas, colic, and intestinal difficulties, and promoting a sense of well-being that aids in regulating behavioral states and enhancing sleep.

Moreover, our hydrotherapy sessions are a wonder for your baby's health and physical development. Discover the perfect combination of care and tranquility, ensuring your baby's well-being right from the very start. At our Infant Wellness Oasis, we are dedicated to nurturing your baby's growth and ensuring that they thrive, all while creating beautiful moments of bonding and relaxation.

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Tradehub 21
(Between Jurong East and Clementi MRT)
16 Boon Lay Way
#01-40/ 41
Singapore 609965

Hotline: +65 8322 9228

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