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Playgroup, Nursery and Kindergarten

Bilingual Immersion Preschool
(18 months to 6 years old)


Tots N Toys believes in the growing importance of bilingualism especially in English and Mandarin. We encourage equal emphasis on English and Mandarin, with both language teachers blending the languages harmonically throughout the day’s curriculum, within every class. 



Play, Thematic, Project Approach (Based on MOE Kindergarten framework)

The Project Approach builds on natural curiosity, enabling children to interact, question, connect, problem-solve, communicate, reflect, and more.  Project investigations promote in-depth understanding and cover a wide range of relevant subtopics.  For this reason, projects usually take several weeks to complete—and sometimes much longer, depending on the age and interests of the children.  The Project Approach connects the children with nature and their natural environment.


There are three Phases in a Project Approach Curriculum: Phase 1, the teacher builds interest in the topic as the children represent their current understanding of the topic.  As the inquiry begins in Phase 2, teachers enable the children go on field visits and learn more about the topic.  In Phase 3, the teacher guides the conclusion of the study and helps the children review their achievements through sharing their work with parents, another class, or members of the local community who have helped them in the process of the investigation.


Glenn Doman Reading Programme


Glenn Doman is the founder of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP).  He believes that the critical window for enhancing a child’s potential is before the age of six and he emphasizes that the years from birth to 6 years of age are very crucial. Babies are curious by nature and they love to learn and Doman’s early learning philosophy is based on fostering their nature love for learning by providing them the right environment and opportunity.


AT Tots N Toys, we believe that the Glenn Doman reading programme will unleash the toddler’s infinite potential and develop early reading and problem solving abilities, improve their social and intellectual skills and shape their physical strength and mobility through fun activities.


SuperEdge Right Brain Programme™


SuperEdge Right Brain Programme™ is a right brain training program for children from 4 months to 3 years old.  The trainer, Ms Lydia Tan, has been in the right brain training industry for more than a decade and has built a vast knowledge on right brain training, including the popular Shicida and Heguru methods. With continual research in her area of expertise, she has created her training method for the right brain training program. Her training has already benefited hundreds of children from different countries including Singapore, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Myanmar, France and the US.


Tots N Toys partners with SuperEdge to infuse right brain training into the daily curriculum, enabling children to use the brain more efficiently and effectively. Parents can expect their children to demonstrate outstanding visualisation, thinking, memory and problem-solving abilities.


Character and Moral Education


Values are the foundation of a person’s character.  They determine his beliefs and his attitudes towards life, the people around him and the world at large.  Character and Moral Education focuses on developing the moral well-being of our children by helping them acquire and live by the values that guide them to make appropriate choices, and determine their behaviour and attitudes towards themselves, others and the environment. The overarching goal of Character and Moral Education is to nurture a person of good values and character, who is caring and acts responsibly towards self, family, others and the world.

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